Owning your impact and living your highest, most socially connected timeline is available to you now.

It’s time to share your gifts and amplify your authority in a way that draws opportunities to you.

Reach more people with your message, expand your impact, and become known worldwide.


Here’s a glimpse into my story of creating a successful speaking, writing and coaching business, without sacrificing integrity, relationships or joy in the process.

Hi, I'm Stephanie

I’m a leadership coach for ambitious professionals ready to switch things up. I help entrepreneurs elevate their inner clarity and confidence to accomplish and exceed their life goals sooner vs. later. Become an author, rise into leadership as you define it, create the relationships and community you’ve always wanted.


I wasn’t born a mentor for leaders like yourself. It took years of personal growth to get here. 


As one of 5-kids, the oldest daughter, in the Bay Area, I was always a bit different than everyone in my family. I became the first person in my family to graduate from college at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Beginning college I was eager to try as many things as possible, trying on radio newscasting, women’s choir, running marathons, serving on the community affairs board, and volunteering at the boys and girls club to find out what my ‘thing’ actually was.


After college I followed the script of what I thought success looked like through observing my aunt’s success in corporate America growing up. 

  • Get a stable 9-to-5 job
  • Work that skirt suit
  • Climb your way up the corporate ladder 

After a few years in the natural food industry, I finally got a break working at a tech company in San Francisco’s financial district.


The happy hours were fun. Friendly co-workers. I loved the office I worked in, but if I was being honest with myself the role had me questioning ‘is this all there is?’ I knew there was more to my life’s purpose than copying and pasting emails and spreadsheets. I questioned whether ‘paying your dues’ was something everybody actually had to do, or was eventually rewarded 

And then I was, well, FIRED.

Inconveniently but undeniably nudged into reimagining what my career could be like.

I took time to journal, spent quality time in my PJs, and within about a week I had a startling discovery.

The concept of ‘work’ needing to feel like work, contorting our true nature, exchanging time for money may have been the norm, but it’s not necessary. 

 Opting out of that narrative, I decided:

My work from now on will be a combination of meaningful and fun.

I could no longer bring myself to apply for roles that only sounded good from a resume standpoint. It was time to check in with something deeper, more internal.

I vowed to find fun projects first and was hired for my first market research project the same week.

I found a whole new energy emerging within me as I began to scout out the types of projects that my dreams had been made of, and beyond… and then it became time to drop devoting myself to gigs others created. 

It was time for the next step.


It started with career coaching people through the same methodologies I honed, applying for and being offered a lot of roles. I became an expert at identifying game-changing tweaks to my client’s resumes, cover letters and interview skills resulting in landing them the job. 

I was also invited to join the board of directors of the Young Professionals of San Francisco, and continued hosting a variety of networking and community events totaling 1k over 5 years.

Then one day, a now dear friend whom I was introduced to through a networking event connection, suggested I give a talk at her meetup. Her proposal? “Talk about anything you’re an expert in!”

The networking for introverts workshop was born within a few days. I presented it for the first time within weeks at a WeWork in downtown San Francisco full of people, many of whom stopped their work to come join us. Within a year I toured the workshop across the country, at ivy league schools, conferences, and internationally. It felt like a dream.

Within that same year, 2019, my book Confident Introvert poured out of me in 6 weeks. Catalyzed by a challenge I set up for myself before attending a 10-day silent vipassana meditation retreat over Christmas and New Years.

Previously, I’d be hosting a champagne-laden 200 person rooftop party at a friend’s startup.

Now, I’d stopped socially drinking and found something was shifting deep inside of me.

Something else was also shifting. By the time Confident Introvert, my book baby, was ready to be released into the world after investing in some book coaching, it was Spring 2020.

That same year I became aware of how some people were skyrocketing in their careers, while others were not, amidst the chaos.

While my book was rising to the top of best seller career categories on Amazon, my new webinar Networking Remotely was being showcased at virtual conferences, winning entrepreneur awards and guesting on podcasts talking about my book, clients getting massively ahead at work… I knew this wasn’t the experience the vast majority of humans were having and knew there was more than enough of this to go around.

I learned there was a key secret differentiating the person who thrives as the world shifts and the person who doesn’t.

I set out to equip myself with more tools to help myself and my clients at the deepest depths possible and became a certified subconscious reprogrammer that same year.

It’s been my mission to learn through lived experience and share that knowledge to make the world a happier, more connected place, and beyond that, help my clients really go off script and activate their own unique leadership power. To truly LIVE.

My magic is being able to identify what’s holding you back, clarifying what that big audacious goal even is, and executing it BIG TIME not using anything other than mindset, holistic practices and strategy. I’m a master planner who will help you map out EXACTLY where you want to go with a clear roadmap to get there, and beyond. 

You’re in the right place if:

  • You are ready to create things that truly impact people’s lives: a book, workshop, career or business NOW
  • You’re excited to try things you haven’t tried before to get those coveted results you crave
  • You want to clean out the closet of your subconscious mind to create thought leadership that activates the highest parts of you and those around you
  • You won’t settle for anything less than being on stage and confidently sharing your unique thoughts and opinions because you know they matter
  • You want that work-life integration everyone talks about where you wake up SO EXCITED for what you get to do


Stephanie Thoma is a Coach for the Ambitious

Stephanie Thoma is the leadership coach for ambitious professionals ready to claim their message, voice and impact so that they can confidently live a life of purpose that extends beyond what they’ve known to be possible for themselves and their community.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, on Good Morning Washington, and countless others.

She has spoken at Harvard University, General Assembly, Venture Cafe Tokyo and leadership conferences.

Stephanie has been coaching since 2018, getting her start in San Francico, CA. To date she’s helped thousands of people celebrate their strengths and rise into their leadership power through workshops, and 1:1 coaching You can learn more about Stephanie by visiting her instagram, website and downloading a free or low investment training, or subscribing to her Youtube channel.

Stephanie is the founder of the personal and professional development company Holistic Ambition, regularly hosting networking events, public speaking and coaching private clients remotely from Austin, TX. She’s passionate about helping people activate their inner power and contributing to society through being a person of integrity and value, creating their legacy sooner rather than later.


On this page, you will see all offerings with their respective pricing. Go ahead and book what you’d like. Have fun! I look forward to being a part of your transformation journey.