You know you have a calling to be an author in this lifetime.
This is where you get that personal development book of yours DONE.

This program is your natural next step. You're a powerful person, with powerful wisdom to share and are committed to making your dream of becoming an author a reality. You're not here to say you aspire to do or be certain things, you show up, do and become what you desire.

- Elevate the success of your business no matter the stage you're at
- Legitimize yourself as a coach or speaker
- Become a world class expert with more inbound business

A breakdown of what to expect in the 1:1 Author Accelerator coaching experience:

Month 1. Ideation and Fine-Tuning Your Topic

Month 2. Outlining & Drafting Phase

Month 3. Edits, Format & Selecting Publisher

Month 4. Promotional Schedule & Cover Design

Month 5. Send it to the Presses

Month 6. Launch Your Best-Selling Book

The Author Accelerator takes you from aspiring to the real deal. It all starts with the decision that you frontload your impact, and you refuse to leave your legacy to chance.

Stephanie Thoma

Meet Stephanie

This program was created by Stephanie Michelle Thoma, who wrote her now Amazon- best-selling book in 6-weeks before a silent retreat in the Winter of 2019. Ever since then, she has coached women through their personal development book and wants to help you do the same.

Is Author Accelerator right for you?

It is for you if:

Ask yourself, do you:

 want to check being an author off your bucket list?

 want to speak on stages someday- have a knack for writing

 have a story inside of you you know you’re meant to share

 have a vision for a movement that has the potential to positively impact your readers

 claim that this is the year the first draft is finally going to be done?