Can introverts be confident leaders?


Can introverts be confident leaders, really? I asked my Facebook community last week and got a variety of responses I bet you’ll be interested in, like:

“I don’t believe introversion and extroversion is permanent. I think people can train themselves to be one way or the other. Case in point, ME.”

“Yes absolutely. They can become better leaders because they’re not dependent on others for energy or maybe even validation. They trust themselves and their instincts, do the work and even anything, work harder to lead bigger teams.”

“Yes, my boss is one. I think it comes down to being self-aware and learning how to communicate well. I’ve noticed introverts tend to be very good written communicators when it comes to documentation.”

A triggered response:
“Being introverted and confidence is not linked at all. I find the question offending and would delete it.”

“YES…it’s called becoming a situational extrovert…I’m a work in progress on that path.”

and a favorite…
“Abe Lincoln?”

What do YOU think?

If you’re anything like me, a long time ago you believed that the two were opposites- but now, realize the power of introversion and how it lends itself to impeccable leadership potential.

The reason we ask this question isn’t to perpetuate that the two cannot or are not linked, it’s to intentionally explore what qualities we allow into the realm of possibility when we think of someone we consider to lead: themselves, others, a movement.

And if you are reading this, you’re likely among those redefining what it means to be a leader: someone who cares, leads by example, and makes an impact beyond themselves.

Go ahead and watch the video below (it’s only a few minutes) where I break down what confidence and introversion ARE and are NOT, and share your takeaway in a Youtube comment!

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