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Imagine what becomes possible for you once you confidently claim it's YOUR TIME to step into your next-level leadership.

It shows up in the steady, amplified tone of your voice when you share your ideas in a prospect call so you’re taken seriously.

Your shoulders back, authentic smile effortlessly beaming as you say “hello” to new people so you actually help them feel at ease.

The sense that you deserve to be in every room you’re in, and it’s better with your presence so you get more invitations to future events and referrals for more business.

Know exactly how to achieve your next goal.
No more putting off writing your book, or putting yourself out there because you can’t find the time.

Harness the power of going all in with what you’ve got. No more self-talk going on in your subconscious that funkifies your energy and repels those you want to connect with.

Have the energy to keep going and achieve your next-level success. No more burning out before you’ve even really gotten started.

This isn’t a program that’ll ask you to contort yourself into a cookie cutter shape or compromise your values to get ahead.

Next-level leadership can be yours, with the right tools. In this program we cultivate your confidence and get you super connected.

And you are ready to cultivate confidence and discover the joy of:

…Waking up feeling energized

and excited for the day

…Knowing you gave it your all

no matter the outcome

…Sleeping soundly

with a quiet mind

…Effortlessly setting boundaries

and ask for what you need and want

…Confidently walking in to any room,

anywhere, any time with any one

This sounds pretty amazing, right?

I have experienced all of these things, but it wasn’t always this way. From identifying as a shy loner eating lunch in a bathroom stall in grade school to a confident introvert as an adult.
I created the Confident Introvert Academy (CIA) so you can gain the tools to experience this too!

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"Got my confidence to a level I never experienced."

“Investing to work with Stephanie, although sizable, has been literally one of the best investments I’ve made in my life. Just as therapy got my mental health to a state I never thought possible, her coaching got my confidence to a level that I had never experienced- it literally changed my life.”

- Charles C.

Product Marketing & Content Strategist

"Better manage what was holding me back from success."

“Stephanie’s work is truly transformational! Her thorough approach allows you to examine any challenge you are facing in detail, enabling me to both understand my weaknesses and better manage what was holding me back from success."

- Sofia S.

Research Associate

"Completely supported my pivot."

"Stephanie completely supported my pivot. I was blocked in a lot of ways, uncomfortable with uncertainty and had repressed emotions and Stephanie really helped me with this. I always felt super supported which is especially nice if you're looking to uplevel your career. It was a metamorphosis.

I'm at an 11 out of 10 confidence level today and a lot of that is due to Stephanie. Would I recommend her? Yes!"

- Kelly M.

Burnout Coach

About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Stephanie– Leadership & Life Coach and Author of Confident Introvert. I help introverts connect with confidence to make their impact and rise into leadership. Through both research and lived experience, you are getting all the mindset methodologies and practical strategies to get out there and not only connect, but become a super connector yourself. 

It lights me up to empower my clients to exceed their own expectations. And it happens all the time!

Client wins include: 2x-ing their income, writing their first book, becoming a featured guest on podcasts, joining a board of directors, and more.

CIA Details

The Confident Introvert Mastermind takes you through a process helping you hone these skills:
You’ll also get:

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"Within 2 months I was able to

get a new job I love."

“Within 2 months of working with Stephanie, I was able to get a new job I love after being in a dead-end job I thought was the best I could do for over a year and a half. She helped me know my worth, strategize, grow my network, and understand me more than most people. I am so thankful that I learned she exists!”

- Tina D.

Health Care Executive

"I have clarity now in situations where confusion used to make me feel less confident."

“Through working with Stephanie I have clarity in situations where confusion used to make me feel less confident. I have a better understanding of what's actually true for me versus what I used to believe is true when it comes to dating and attachment styles that's helped me cultivate more relationships than I have before.”

- Guru M.

Software Engineer


Why Your Network Matters: Learn your big WHY and the process behind cultivating all those connections before you start.

Understand Your Personality before Meeting Others: You’ll set the right tone at any networking event you enter once you know more about these key aspects of yourself.

Manage Your Energy to Avoid Networking Burnout: Introverts need to balance socializing and solitude differently, so here’s my secret sauce so you can do just that!

Shift Your Mindset for an Empowering Experience: Reframes that will change how you view yourself and your relationships with others forever, for the better.

Meet New People IRL: body language and communication strategies so your first impression is consistently on-point.

Strike Up Conversations Online: Feel more comfortable on camera & leverage online events to expand your network in less time.

Nurture Your Relationships for Lasting Connection: Keep connections warm so you don’t have to continue networking as often- your future self thanks you!

It’s a Process and a Practice: Integrate all you’ve learned for lasting personal and professional expansion- you’ve earned it!

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"I now have the courage to put myself out there."

"I now have the courage to put myself out there by reframing some of my beliefs and learning of other opportunities. I have struggled with the right words in certain situations, so the tools and scripts for introductions, follow-ups, inquiries, etc. when networking are so valuable. I also loved the fact I got to practice being on video since I'm an introvert and a writer preferring texting over talking on the phone. The exercises each week kept me motivated and helped me realize that I am more productive than I thought. Definitely take the course, especially if you're struggling with putting yourself out there whether you're searching for a job or clients."

- Tatyana S.

Sustainability Writer

Is this self-paced online course for you?

It is for you if:


Yes. This program has weekly modules that take on average no more than an hour each, and homework that will take you a maximum of a couple of hours per week. Designed for the busy professional who wants to make their time count. (If you’d like to work with me as a private ongoing coaching client, CIA is on the house:

Totally fine! This self-study course can be taken anytime you’d like, and if there are any surprise bonus calls, you’ll get access to the recordings within 24 hours of the record date.

Ask yourself this first: do you want this? How long have you day dreamed about leaving that job, speaking on stages, and then pushed it outside of your mind?

You are as deserving of your lingering life wishes as anyone, and this is your opportunity to invest in that desire, claim that and take a proactive step forward. If you want greater accountability, consider adding a VIP day.

CIA now includes 2 new BONUS trainings on community and public speaking to amplify your impact once you fine tune your confidence and build your network.

Spaces are limited for an intimate environment.

Use code: SPECIALOFFER for 50% off!