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1. Identify: Discover what it is you truly want and the conscious limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you from getting it


2. Uncover: Access the subconscious mind to unearth the old mental programs that are keeping your unhealthy patterns alive

3. Replace: Switch these old programs with powerful new constructive beliefs and behaviors at both the conscious and subconscious level through coaching and transformational recordings


4. Amplify: Redefine and redesign your future with these new beliefs and develop a plan of action to bring your new reality to life


Client Testimonials

"One of the best investments I've made in myself."

“My work with Stephanie was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. Everything from her pre-session prep to the content itself was excellent! And it was a bonus to work with someone who has such a nurturing, strong, and intelligent communication style - rare qualities to find together. I would recommend her services with no hesitation.”

- Aanchal D.

Design Strategy Fellow

"Got my confidence to a level I never experienced."

“Investing to work with Stephanie, although sizable, has been literally one of the best investments I’ve made in my life. Just as therapy got my mental health to a state I never thought possible, her coaching got my confidence to a level that I had never experienced- it literally changed my life.”

- Charles C.

Product Marketing & Content Strategist

"Completely supported my pivot."

"Stephanie completely supported my pivot. I was blocked in a lot of ways, uncomfortable with uncertainty and had repressed emotions and Stephanie really helped me with this. I always felt super supported which is especially nice if you're looking to uplevel your career. It was a metamorphosis.

I'm at an 11 out of 10 confidence level today and a lot of that is due to Stephanie. Would I recommend her? Yes!"

- Kelly M.

Burnout Coach

"If you're thinking of hiring Stephanie - Go for it!"

"I now have the courage to put myself out there by reframing some of my beliefs and learning of other opportunities. I really appreciate the gentle nudges to put myself out there whether it's doing a live video or a media pitch. Stephanie is able to see causes and solutions for conflict I can't see when I'm in the thick of it. If you're thinking of hiring Stephanie- Go for it! You'll learn a lot about how to accept yourself and work better with others."

-Tatyana S.

Sustainability Writer

"Better manage what was holding me back from success."

“Stephanie’s work is truly transformational! Her thorough approach allows you to examine any challenge you are facing in detail, enabling me to both understand my weaknesses and better manage what was holding me back from success."

- Sofia S.

Research Associate

"I felt incredibly relaxed!"

“During our session, I felt incredibly relaxed and carried this peaceful state with me afterward. I connected to my past in a way I’ve never previously experienced. This opened a visceral feeling of the moments I reflected on in the session, with a deeper understanding, and yet a simultaneous feeling of letting go. I continued to feel calm and felt a strong belief in myself following the session.”

- Gabriella D.

Creative Director & Author

"Within 2 months I was able to get a new job I love."​

“Within 2 months of working with Stephanie, I was able to get a new job I love after being in a dead-end job I thought was the best I could do for over a year and a half. She helped me know my worth, strategize, grow my network, and understand me more than most people. I am so thankful that I learned she exists!”​

-Tina D.

Health Care Executive

"I have clarity now in situations where confusion used to make me feel less confident."

“Through working with Stephanie I have clarity in situations where confusion used to make me feel less confident. I have a better understanding of what's actually true for me versus what I used to believe is true when it comes to dating and attachment styles that's helped me cultivate more relationships than I have before.”

- Guru M.

Software Engineer

"I'm presenting myself in a more polished and professional way."

“Working with Stephanie exceeded my expectations. Stephanie is responsive, communicative, and knowledgeable about what recruiters look for and how to personally brand yourself. I feel confident that I’m now presenting myself in a more polished and professional way online and with recruiters.”

- Nashira A.

Creative Director & Founder

"An excellent use of my time."

“Working with Stephanie has been an excellent use of my time.”

- Aimee W.

FORTUNE 500 - Tech Sales Manager


First, you use holistic and research backed subconscious modalities to eliminate social anxiety with a personalized ongoing plan for success during our container with a permanent upleveled mindset result.


Second, you build confidence by recognizing, amplifying and leveraging your natural strengths for success that feels in flow.


Third, you identify ways to maximize your network and build meaningful connections that are mutually beneficial, authentic and deep.


Fourth is why you’re here- to make that impact, rising into leadership as you define it as an entrepreneur: creating a tangible product, service or way of conducting yourself that commands influence that you use for the highest good in the world.