Confident Introvert by Stephanie Thoma Debuts as the Number One Amazon Best Selling Book


The New Book Offers Helpful and Practical Tips on How Introverts Can Be Confident and Succeed at Networking Both Online and in Person

Stephanie Thoma, a networking strategy coach and author, is pleased to announce that her new book, Confident Introvert: A Practical Guide for Connecting With Others At Networking Events And Beyond, has debuted as the Number One Amazon Best Selling Book in the Personal Success in Business category.

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As an introvert herself, Thoma knows first-hand how challenging it can be to attend networking events where it can seem like people are expected to have a high quantity of transactional business conversations. These experiences can leave introverts feeling less confident and excited to meet other people.

Through hosting over 1,000 events, Thoma has learned how to succeed at networking while being true to herself and serving others.

These experiences inspired Thoma to write her new book Confident Introvert and offer key steps and advice on how introverts can unlock their career potential, increase their confidence and develop authentic networking skills-which in turn helps their personal and professional success.

From people who are trying to move ahead in their careers to entrepreneurs who are hoping to grow their companies, Thoma’s new book Confident Introvert will help provide them with tangible tips to reach their goals.

“Networking doesn’t have to feel like a sales-focused event where you’re using people to get ahead,” Thoma said, adding that in her new best seller, she will teach people how to create meaningful connections, easily strike up genuine conversations, and dazzle people with their natural charm.

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