How To Join A Board Of Directors


Joining a board of directors… how do you do that? In this free training above I share a few key steps you can take straight away to get your booty on a board, increasing your leadership and influence to make the impact you’re here to make!

4 Hacks To Get Noticed

We cover:
– The value of being on a board
– Questions to ask yourself before applying
– Tactical hacks to getting noticed

This video gives you the nuts and bolts for joining the board, but what’s strategy without mindset so you can attract more opportunities like this and also steer clear of self sabatoge and keep the opportunities that you earn and attract?

There’s a key mindset hack a client of mine used to get on a board that was already ‘at capacity.’ Yup- they wanted her on board so badly that they CREATED a spot for her.

To get that info. and 2 other strategies along with invaluable live laser coaching tailored to your specific circumstance, grab one of the last tickets to LEADERSHIP POWER.

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Leadership & Life Coach and Author of Confident Introvert. I help introverts connect with confidence to make their impact and rise into leadership. It lights me up to empower my clients to exceed their own expectations. And it happens all the time!

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