Networking Remotely

Networking Remotely

Tapping into the hidden market of opportunities through networking takes more planning and intention than simply submitting an application online, but it’s much more effective if you are doing it right. Being open to connecting with and helping others from the comfort of your home can give you valuable connections in your chosen field.

Networking does, however, make a lot of people nervous. ‘What is my story? How can I get a new job, in another city, state or country? How can I attract something better than what I have?’

This webinar – Networking Remotely – has been designed to address those specific concerns and more. You’ll leave this webinar not only having a game plan for your networking experiences but also feeling more confident in yourself and your ability to make meaningful connections during this trying time that will help further your career.


  • Learn how to meet valuable contacts on apps and online
  • Establish and maintain authentic relationships
  • Frame your existing employment situation in a positive light
  • Get the most out of virtual/remote networking events and more!