Public Speak with Confidence

Public Speak with Confidence

Public speaking is broadly cited as the #1 fear people have, yet it’s necessary to excel in your career. Ready to transform that fear into a superpower? Fear is suppressed power.

Public speaking is the secret to getting doors to swing wide open for you that otherwise would remain closed. This workshop was designed for you if you want to massively uplevel your career with hand-picked, simple yet effective public speaking hacks from a professional public speaker.

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, confident or unconfident, a sales person or software engineer, you will benefit from improving your public speaking skills. 

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Speak up and contribute meaningfully in meetings
  • Make compelling presentations at work
  • Leverage body language tricks to feel more confident
  • Use nerves to your advantage

    What these skills result in:
    • Elevate into leadership because your supervisor is aware of your contributions
    • Gain the trust of your audience building 1:many relationships
    • Become a go-to expert who has leads and opportunities brought to you
    • Appear and feel confident, calm and approachable
    • Leave a stellar impression that results in recommendations

You are meant for big things, let’s go!

Stephanie Thoma

Meet Stephanie

This workshop was created by Stephanie Thoma, who toured her signature workshop, networking for introverts, everywhere from Tokyo to Harvard in 2019. She has since spoken at countless summits, on a variety of podcasts, both online and in-person and wants to help you with your audacious speaking goals with her knowledge both on stage, and behind-the-scenes of TEDx for 7 years.