Coaching Testimonials

"One of the best investments I've made in myself."

“My work with Stephanie was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. Everything from her pre-session prep to the content itself was excellent! And it was a bonus to work with someone who has such a nurturing, strong, and intelligent communication style - rare qualities to find together. I would recommend her services with no hesitation.”

- Aanchal D.

Design Strategy Fellow

"Got my confidence to a level I never experienced."

“Investing to work with Stephanie, although sizable, has been literally one of the best investments I’ve made in my life. Just as therapy got my mental health to a state I never thought possible, her coaching got my confidence to a level that I had never experienced- it literally changed my life.”

- Charles C.

Product Marketing & Content Strategist

"Completely supported my pivot."

"Stephanie completely supported my pivot. I was blocked in a lot of ways, uncomfortable with uncertainty and had repressed emotions and Stephanie really helped me with this. I always felt super supported which is especially nice if you're looking to up-level your career. It was a metamorphosis.

I'm at an 11 out of 10 confidence level today and a lot of that is due to Stephanie. Would I recommend her? Yes!"

- Kelly M.

Burnout Coach

"If you're thinking of hiring Stephanie - Go for it!"

"I now have the courage to put myself out there after reframing some of my beliefs and learning of new opportunities. I really appreciate the gentle nudges to put myself out there whether it's doing a live video or a media pitch. Stephanie is able to see causes and solutions for conflict I can't see when I'm in the thick of it. If you're thinking of hiring Stephanie- Go for it! You'll learn a lot about how to accept yourself and work better with others."

- Tatyana S.

Sustainability Writer

"Better manage what was holding me back from success."

“Stephanie’s work is truly transformational! Her thorough approach allows you to examine any challenge you are facing in detail, enabling me to both understand my weaknesses and better manage what was holding me back from success."

- Sofia S.

Research Associate

"I felt incredibly relaxed!"

“I felt incredibly relaxed and carried this peaceful state with me afterward. I connected to my past in a way I’ve never previously experienced. This opened a visceral feeling of the moments I reflected on in the session, with a deeper understanding, and yet a simultaneous feeling of letting go. I continued to feel calm and felt a strong belief in myself following the session.”

- Gabriella D.

Creative Director & Author

"Within 2 months I was able to

get a new job I love."

“Within 2 months of working with Stephanie, I was able to get a new job I love after being in a dead-end job I thought was the best I could do for over a year and a half. She helped me know my worth, strategize, grow my network, and understand me more than most people. I am so thankful that I learned she exists!”

- Tina D.

Health Care Executive

"I have clarity now in situations where confusion used to make me feel less confident."

“Through working with Stephanie I have clarity in situations where confusion used to make me feel less confident. I have a better understanding of what's actually true for me versus what I used to believe is true when it comes to dating and attachment styles that's helped me cultivate more relationships than I have before.”

- Guru M.

Software Engineer

Transitioned from associate at a 'good-enough' company to Vice President in new industry with a multiple 5-figure raise.

- Austyn C.

Vice President

Joined a board of directors at Fortune 50 work organization that was already at capacity.

- S. W.

Software Engineer

Speaking Testimonials

“Stephanie was so easy to work with and kind. Her unique strategies to networking were accessible, informative, and fun for attendees from all walks of life. It was an absolute pleasure to have Stephanie join us at the BOLD Conference at Harvard University!”

- Georgia Messinger

Harvard’s BOLD Conference

“I feel so much more confident about going out and meeting new people.”

- Lizette V.

Networking for Introverts

“Stephanie’s workshop “rebranded” networking for me. I found I can use my strengths as an introvert to guide me, and be desensitized from anxiety which is huge!”

- Maurine C.

Networking For Introverts

“Stephanie's Networking For Introverts Workshop was an amazing experience for not only me but also for all of my members (herNetwork). It gave all of us a glimpse on what to expect in networking events as well as tips and advice to network successfully even if you are an introvert! It was a really meaningful workshop which at the end of the day helps to empower every single person in the room. In addition to that, Stephanie was such a joy to work with as she accommodated with our club's schedule and availability. She does everything with positivity which makes her a wonderful person to work with!”

- Florencia Frans

Boston University’s herNetwork

“This was a valuable opportunity for us to have a dialogue on inclusion and to reflect on the culture we want to create.”

- Shaunk G.

Female Friendly Workplaces

“Stephanie brings enthusiasm, passion and deep value through her work. She has a unique ability to truly connect with attendees through effective workshops with a mindfulness focus. Working with Stephanie has opened my eyes to new ways of building community and new ways of networking.”

- Joanne Boston

General Assembly - San Francisco

“I learned how to stay intentional in networking and ways to build my confidence.”

- Mark P.

Networking For Introverts

“Stephanie is an incredible moderator and speaker. She got people to open up and have a fully transparent conversation effortlessly.”

- Ryan A

Female Friendly Workplaces


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Book Praise


"Every introvert should read this book! Actually anyone who needs a little more confidence should read this book. Stephanie Thoma does a wonderful job bringing practical strategies to introverts who need them."

- Vanessa Van Edwards

Author of Captivate
Founder of Science of People


"Stephanie offers a practical framework, backed by sociological research, to make your introversion work for you. A short, engaging read!"

- Dorie Clark

Author of Reinventing You
Executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business


"Confident Introvert is an enormously practical book. Thoma draws on the brilliant research that's been done on introversion to demonstrate very clearly how introverts can make their disposition an advantage and build a strong web of authentic and resilient relationships. I recommend it to ambitious introverts and extroverts alike."

- Sally Helgesen

Author of How Women Rise


Confident Introvert is a wonderful resource for leaders to create professional connections and grow their networks -- without the anxiety and discomfort. Stephanie shares inspiring stories, compelling studies, and asks just the right questions to ensure you step into your best self. Confident Introvert is a must read!"

- Marshall Goldsmith

Author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There


"As an introvert, Stephanie's approach to becoming a more confident and connected leader in Confident Introvert really resonated with me. If you want to reframe what it means to connect with people, love and accept yourself, and grow professionally, this book is for you!"

- Ashley Sumner

Co-Founder at Quilt


"Stephanie decouples introversion from authentic relationship-building and career advancement, while providing practical tools along the way. Stephanie gives us permission to be even more of who we are by embracing our introvert superpowers and quiet strengths."

- Jenny Blake

Author of Pivot