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When Stephanie Thoma launched her coaching business to help introverted people build confidence, unlock their in-person networking potential, and establish authentic relationships, she knew she wanted to help the right people, rather than be desperate for clients. So, she got creative with multiple income streams.

“I’ve been a market research recruiter and moderator with an emphasis on finding hard-to-find niche participants in their natural habitats (think Catholic priests or moms with newborns) and having them take part in market research focus groups,” Stephanie recalls. “I’ve also been a ghostwriter for an entrepreneur podcast and event producer in the real estate space.”

As it turns out, each of those gigs has helped her in her coaching practice. “All of these projects have woven into one another with shared values, and I’ve built skill in rapport-building, human connection, and overall grit needed to run a business,” she says.

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