Write Your Book

Write Your First Book

Are you ready to finally check “author” off your bucket list? And do it the right way, learning from someone who’s done it, and helped others craft their books?
I walk you through:
  • the exact process I used to go from aspiring author to the author of a completed 1st draft in 6 weeks
  • crafting your writing schedule to get your book draft done without burning out
  • leveraging what you have already created in your life to save you time and brain power

We also cover:

  • How much should you write?
  • Should you self or traditionally publish?
  • How do you repurpose your book content?
BONUS: Best Selling Book Strategy
Guarantee your success with the complimentary bonus module: 10 steps to your Amazon Best Selling Book Strategy. If you want to have a best-selling book and not leave it chance, watch this so you know exactly what you need to do (and not do) to lock that status in.

Become a best-selling author